1.  Enviroment Required:

a)         An android phone with internet access;

b)         Firefox 46+,Chrome,Edge or any other browser supports Tampermonkey on PC;

c)         Tampermonkey 4.3.5430+, Greasemonkey

d)         Demo : http://webautofill.com/videolist 

2.   Install Tampermonkey and script

a)         Open webpage below with your browser


b)         Find Proper Version which matches you browser

c)         Click “Download” to install the add-on

d)         Get script below and create to tampermonkey or greasemonkey




3.    How to TamperMonkey Script( Full feature version, only otp please skip this):

a)         After Step 3 finished, you can see a panel named “Auto Login Setup” in the left of the login page

b)         Input APIKey,  User ID, Password, Distinct, stock yard and capcha, Click Auto Login button or press enter at capcha inputbox..

c)         Notes:

4.  Setup android app

a)         Download android app here and install it:


b)         After App Installed, please go to Settings – App Permissions - SMS in Android

c)         Find SSMMS.App and turn on it.


d)         Open SSMS.App

e)         Input your api key and login phone No. and click “Save”

f)        For both Login and Vehicle OTP,  we only need Login Numer to be inputted on app. Install app on Login Phone  and Vehicle Phone  and use same apikey and login number on both apps.  We do not need Vehicle Number.

5.How to Use Captcha Loader

  1. Go to www.webautofill.com/download to download VC++2015

  1. After Downloaded, double click and install it.
  2. Go back to www.webautofill.com/download to download captcha loader

  1. After Downloaded, Extract files from the zip file


  1. Go to SSMMS Uptime or Login page and save your apikey and phone number ( as loginnumber cleared every day, you need to go to SSMMS page to save it every day before open captcha loader)

  1. Open captcha loader, input apikey and press enter key or click “Load Phone NO” button. You will see the phone numbers you saved.

  1. Now you can enjoy auto login for this loginnumber now for today.